Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ballsbridge Berries

Every time I see berries in such massive quantities, I start muttering about the hard winter that is yet to come.This comes from a saying I learned, somewhere in childhood. All my friends groan when I say it! I was just passing down Raglan Road when I noticed there were red berries everywhere - the saying just triggered and I smiled to myself. Fruit is generally regarded as a sign of abundance so maybe abundance should be tempered by the thought that it may not continue. Desire for immortality or wealth are the other associations and literature is full of warnings about these two! Invariably, fruit contains pips, seeds or stones - and this in itself is about sexual desire, yet another area for warnings. So maybe I am right to cast some doubt on this plentiful display. They are distinctive and pretty though, these bushes. The bush is not differentiated from the tree in Celtic mythology and is therefore regarded either sexually or as knowledge or thought. These bushes seem to be burning with copious red fruits. It looks like rather than eat them, their fire may devour us!