Friday, August 21, 2009

Bhangra Kids

This is a photograph I took in Birmingham a long time ago and I felt it would be a shame to leave this colourful scene in the archives. I was working for the Mobile Projects Unit of the Playbus Association at the time and the picture first appeared in a publication called Roadworks. Featured was a multicultural project organised around Bhangra dancing, based on a bus as you might expect! The members of the group were very intrigued by my Minolta light meter and I was delighted when they started to measure the light reflected by their different skin tones. They had much fun and so did I. I am not sure whether the publication is still available - it was twenty years ago - but I still think the kind of work the organisation carried out was extremely valuable. And so I wonder what happened to these young women. Maybe they will spot themselves! Bhangra is a Punjabi Sikh dance first dedicated to the Spring, migrating Punjabis having brought Bhangra with them to the UK in the eighties.