Friday, August 7, 2009

Blue Hinge

I confess I played around a little but essentially it's the same hinge from a door on the Elgin Road side of St Bart's Church - with the hue adjusted. I couldn't resist the missing screw of course. And the cobweb is a nice touch. This door isn't used much and is quite picturesque as it is - I wouldn't change it or repair it for a moment! Now I know my readers will be incredulous at this point when I say there is a Roman God of door hinges - although why we should feel that way I do not know. After all, they were fairly technical, the Romans. Cardea's name comes from cardo, Latin for Hinge - the wider meaning (cardinal) relates to the north-south axis of a new city. The Goddess of the Hinge naturally protects the home and the family. Cardea was also associated with hawthorn which wards off evil and there is an association with a boyfriend, Janus who also looks after doorways. A tradition which survives until recently in Tuscany is that of the witch Caradora, who puts hawthorn tied up in a red sack in doorways and drives away sickness in babies. I am indebted to the Obscure Goddess Online site for this information.