Monday, August 17, 2009


Another in the Bart's Illustrated project - this time another part of another door. It has quite a distressed look which I very much like. The letterbox has seen quite a few years and the handle has been turned many a time by many a person. The opening and closing of the door is akin to the rhythm of the universe. In common with many cultures, Christians regard the opening of the the door as revelation - again, related to the universe. In this case though, the door directs to the light of Christ, the true door (Christus janua vera). So Christ himself is the door. In my youth my mother was always reminding me that the Kingdom of Heaven had many doors - she thought that there were many ways to enter the Kingdom, meaning the acceptance of those of other faiths. Alchemists regard the door in the same way as the key. It's the entrance to course of the work and in consequence is a tool -the tool in fact. But since this is a church, Jean Laude might say that this door divides a holy or sacred place from the rest of the world as a symbol of creation to the living.