Monday, August 31, 2009

Dream Make-Up

The further education exhibition at the RDS provides opportunities for different kind of training activities - many of them creative. This young woman is Jennifer, here modelling for the LA Make up Academy , which has a specialty in body painting. This make up reminds me of some horror films and probably can be considered a mask. The mask very much depends on its intended use, which could be theatrical, carnival, funeral and so on - so Jung and indeed Freud might say the use of this make up is a special case of projection. We project whatever is the depiction of the mask so that it controls the external world with the attributes of the mask. In the theatre though, Ancient Greece in particular, when the actor puts on the mask, he or she becomes one with that representation. The audience is situated or controlled by the image of the mask. If you dream of being in a mask or perhaps made up like Jennifer, then you need to be creative. What does the make up mean to you and what are the connections to your life? It's always healthy to be creative within a good environment, so classes like those of the LA Make up Aacademy offer an exploratory way of developing individual expression. Good fun!