Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Full Monet

Well I couldn't resist just a touch of Claude Monet, but the colours really were there in the first instance! These are religious symbols in many countries including India, Bangla Desh and - of course - in ancient Egypt where the flower was regarded as the most beautiful of all, the creation of the world out of moisture. But in Latin America too, the Mayans associated it to plenty, fertility and the Underworld. Apparently the Dogon think of it as mother's milk and give it to nursing mothers to eat! But my affection for Monet's water lilies lies in the past and to a nice memory. When I worked for an organisation that helped disadvantaged young people with employment, a team from Camden painted a rather unattractive wall at the London Head Office with a fresco version of Monet's famous painting. I liked the enjoyment that the young people found in that project and, in turn, enjoyed looking at a large Monet every working day! I always wonder with the young people, what happened to them. So this is is my tribute to them and their lives.