Friday, August 14, 2009

Has Beans?

This shot was captured by my photographer friend (and fellow Celt from Cornwall), Mick. Clearly, the person who left the catering-size cans was making a point about the inadequacy of containers. There was no way that they were going to through that slot. It was better to make an artistic point. I wondered whether we have all felt a bit like this at some stage. We just don't fit in a given collective - perhaps jobs, courses or even life? We don't always have a choice. Psychotherapists argue that it always possible for someone to adapt - but at a cost. There will be change and this inevitably means some kind of loss. Possibly the recycler could have spent some time flattening the cans and forced them through the slot with brute force and ignorance! It is indeed likely that many of us feel that's already happened to us. At that stage, the only solution is to recycle ourselves using our own resources.