Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lisbon Orange - Spirit and Libido

I like Lisbon very much, especially the buildings in the city. This shot was taken from the top of a tower above the railway station - you can take a lift as far as I recall for some small sum of money . It's one of Eiffel's great works - either the man himself or a gifted apprentice. I cannot determine. It is lovely to have coffee or a beer at the cafe - although it can be windy! There wasn't much trade for the oranges that day but they made a good counterpoint to the city structure below. The orange is a symbol of fertility because of the many pips. In China it can be be given with the wedding gifts and in Vietnam it was given to young married couples. As can be seen, the colour is somewhere between gold and red and so some say it is the point of balance between the spirit and the libido. I think the photo reveals a very nice sense of spatial order - a beautiful city. It still bears the mark of the Roman colonisers and is is none the worse for that. Perhaps this suggests a good relaxation exercise. Imagine yourself looking across the city with its mandala structure of harmony and order. At the same time, let your senses appreciate a delicate smell of fruit or blossom wafting on the breeze. Or if you prefer, coffee or a tisane of your choice like camomile or mint. Cities were to be made with due reference to the convergence of wind and waters, light and dark - so imagine them too.