Friday, August 28, 2009

Looking at Patrick Kavanagh

I had promised myself that, when we got a break in the weather, I would hasten to this spot on the Canal to get a picture of what Kavanagh's statue was looking at. But this image was much more interesting. The two tourists were captured by Kavanagh's pose and scrutinised him closely. I wonder what Kavanagh would have made of that! A bit more than the view his statue has - which turned out to be much less interesting than I thought it would. And who knows, maybe this wasn't his favourite spot. He was a man for coining new words so maybe this spot continues to be stilly and greeny - with the canal water moving through the lock, Niagariously. I thought Kavanagh's words, written in hospital, summed up a little of the philosophy of this blog ...
... naming these things is the love act and its pledge/for we must record love's mystery without claptrap/snatch out of time the passionate transitory.