Tuesday, August 18, 2009

May cause what?

As you might appreciate, when I saw this on a door in Baggot Street, I couldn't resist a quick snapshot. Someone with a macabre sense of humour perhaps or maybe they just don't want callers. Death of course is a potent symbol and is one of the Tarot cards, which in a reading is regarded as a sign of renewal, change or a new beginning. So Death marks the absolute conclusion of something positive like an animal, human being, plant or a relationship but at the same time - in symbolic terms - is not negative at all. It speaks of regeneration as in the seasons. Leaves fall from the trees and are to all intent and purposes dead. Yet they contribute to the renewal of the trees through fertilising the ground. Death opens the door to light and the realm of the spirit. The transcendent spirit lives on and is everlasting. Mors Janua Vitae. In psychotherapy it's all about change and that often means the loss of some familiar habit, pattern or way of life which someone wants to lose. Or maybe, after all, these residents are communicating that they just don't want visitors ... sometimes things are more straightforward than we like to imagine.