Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monster Il Mostro

I left this photograph exactly as it was, framing and all. It's the way I like it although if publication was intended, some space would be left around the edges to give editors room for manoeuvre. It's not a black and white photograph - just that there is no colour in the scene. This was the guest photographer's motorbike, three motorbikes ago! The iconic Ducati Monster or il mostro as a I prefer it. What secret is guarded by The Monster? The boot of course symbolises travel - and not merely travel in this picture. The combination of boot and bike symbolises travel in every direction. The boot and bike symbolise that she is her own master. This is another shot from the Pembroke Road and if you look closely under the bike, you'll see that the exhaust is slightly pinkish - the smallest trace of colour in the shot. Clearly the rider is "in the pink" - which is a phrase for another blog.