Sunday, August 30, 2009

Police Escort

This was the start of the Annual Across-Ireland motorbike run to Galway and back - for charity. There were more than a thousand motorbikes of all shapes and sizes - quite a sight and sound in Dublin's Dawson Street. It is interesting that members of the motorcycle police are held in great respect by motorcyclists. It is an entirely different relationship from car drivers. Because of their skill and experience, bikers look up with admiration to these police riders. That's not to say there is no punishment for infractions - yet there is a fatherly relationship or maybe big-brotherly. The told-off motorcyclist feels much shame if it is one of these police men or women doing the telling! There is something to learn for parents then. We want our children to acknowledge our experience and skill, but not to the extent that they are cowed into submission. It has been a bit of a theme recently on the blog that children will be given boundaries and that it is their duty to test them. In the world of motorcycling, Garda motorbike police are, in general, understanding and supportive. They arrange training and safety courses and also role-model good riding, behaviour and technical skill. Those wishing to take one of their free courses should contact the Bike Safe Programme at Dublin Castle.