Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Potatoes in Sacks

These sacks of potatoes drew my attention as much for the patterns as for the colours. Especially the warm shades of the potatoes peeping through the sacks. It's not so much about the new season - which is ... summer? More about the nature of sacks as containers. Carl Jung was given to expounding on the nature of containers, and this derives from his studies of the alchemists, who knew that in order to cook something up, you needed a good , strong vessel. This is true of psychotherapy. In the confined space of therapy, two people work together on a problem or difficulty. In this alliance, the client or analysand seeks change. So much alchemy takes place with two substances - or people in this instance - under certain conditions. That's why there are many rules about psychotherapist and client - they may not meet under any other circumstances for example. They must work within the four walls of the therapeutic space, concentrated on their weekly task. They must be together in a situation of trust. So considering this, is this a photograph of "potatoes in sacks" or "sacks of potatoes"? Psychotherapist and client inevitably tend towards the latter.