Friday, August 21, 2009

Rippled Houses

This is one of these nice wee streets off Morehampton Road in Donnybrook. I tried to give it a painterly look because the vertical lines seemed to call for it. I especially like the two tiers of bowed windows that make up six, since the windows in the Tibetan Wheel of Life correspond to six senses. A couple of blogs ago I was talking about the cellar and the attic. The spaces inside the house for psychoanalysts, correspond to conscious and unconscious states. The house though is feminine - a mother protector and a womb space. But here we have the outside of the house, which is really appearance, mask or persona - and outside there are many vehicles, which some might describe as houses on wheels. Maybe when driving, thats why we may get defensive and even aggressive - we are protecting our domain. In Carlos Castaneda's famous work on being a sorcerer's apprentice, Don Juan, his master, describes the car as a cave - and will only enter one by crawling through the door and along the seat. So there are many travelling caves! I am aware that motorbike messengers call cars (and particularly their drivers) "cages". They are containers of a sort so if you dream of either a house or car, the exact type (a terraced house, a Rolls Royce) probably reflects some aspect of your personality.