Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sandymount Corner

For preference in the image I would have separated the lampposts from the Ringsend towers to the rear - but in the end I went with the original. The sky was just too interesting! It looks quiet here but it's just across from Dunne and Crescenzi, which is busy most of the time. It's just off the main drag in Sandymount and only a short hop to a nice walk on the Strand. One of these strange skies, isn't it? Is it sunny or not? The sky is always associated with heaven and the cosmos. Whatever happens and whatever colour or weather, there is an association with a celestial order or even heavenly Being. I recall a line from a Paul Simon song - what do we look like from a distant constellation, dying in the corner of the sky? Maybe we look like this. Part of some relaxation exercises that I suggest to clients involves imaging a thread attaching the centre of the head to the centre of the sky. It's amazing the exact posture that is then adopted. Absolutely straight. The photograph is very Sky but it's also very Earth too. The Earth is support, the Sky is cover.