Monday, August 3, 2009

Shop in the Round

This is PC World in Carrickmines. Just shopping around when I noticed the security mirrors offered an opportunity for an interesting perspective. No need for the famous wide angle lens in this case. Nearly the whole shop is represented so the light-fingered of this world are at a disadvantage here. This gives me an opportunity to talk about mirrors or more correctly the dome - because this mirror is a kind of reflecting dome isn't it? The domed building is said to be the image of the world - fairly apposite in this case. The image of PC World at least, as reflected in this mirror. Mirrors are regarded in many cultures as reflecting knowledge and truth. Chevalier and Gheerbrant report that in Ho Chi Minh City a Chinese mirror in a museum is inscribed, Like the sun, like the moon, like water and like gold, be clean and bright and reflect what is in your heart.