Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trolleys in Transit

I'm afraid that no matter how hard I try, no verticals are straight in this picture. For a while, I have been anticipating a photograph of this escalator with its interesting reflections of the first floor balcony. But it was only the other day that there was the visual interest I sought. So I got my shot. The trolleys are being pushed noisily on their way from the car park to Superquinn. Shopping centres are full of visual interest and sometimes I wonder why we take them for granted. The Blackrock Centre is one of the older ones and although it has lost its creche for shoppers' children, it still has a waterfall and children's rides. There's a variety of useful shops and so that's why I continue to call in there from time to time. These centres are the legacy of market places, which continue as symbols of the collective. In China, the market symbolised a peaceful meeting of yin and yang and blood feuds could not be pursued there. But whereas the market place was free, the market hall enclosed, sheltered and ultimately controlled the businesses therein. Now that was quite an invention!