Thursday, August 6, 2009

St Bartholomew's Illustrated Spirit

This is part of my Bart's Illustrated project. Thy church has a covering of brown leaves on one side which is quite dramatic. But the exposure was very different over two adjacent walls so I contrived to get Photoshop into gear. The outcome is equally dramatic. But it looks like winter, when in fact it's August. It's a bit of a strange summer with rain and breezy days, so when I see a change in the sky I hot-foot it over to the church to see if anything will work, camera wise. When taking this shot, the light changed slightly and a ray of sunlight fell on the leaves, giving them a strange speckled tone. It reminds me that in another of Hildegard of Bingen's visions, she saw the Church receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So perhaps the leaves in the picture represent the Holy Spirit where some are bright colours and others dark. Well now, leaves often stand in for people - the multitude. So the leaves symbolise people's different approaches - some disregard the Holy Spirit and those would be the darker ones. The ones that are brightly lit are those at a higher stage of spiritual development.