Monday, August 24, 2009


I find it difficult to get good flare with a digital camera. Often its easier to fake it with Photoshop. But here's the real thing. You have to make such an exposure on a manual setting - and nothing else is going to work if you don't. The photo makes me wonder what the Grand Canal was like in the old days with barges on the canal and horses pulling them on the towpath. Water of course is symbolically both good and bad - it can bring life and it can also destroy. But if you dream of water consider what kind of water it is. If the water is channeled such as for a canal, then it has a fixed location moving between two points with variation in levels strictly controlled. Some Jungians believe that this kind of dream symbol refers to something physical happening in the body and certainly a Jungian medical doctor would wonder whether there was anything happening with the bodily waterworks! Canals also make very specific boundaries and in Dublin more so than in many places. Already, traffic specialists are considering restricting traffic within the city zone that falls inside the canals.