Thursday, August 20, 2009

OCD Ireland

The roadworks have arrived again and this time the pipes are yellow. I had taken several pictures and spent some time trying to get the blue out of another photograph. Eventually I realised that the blue was due to the way the light fell, my direction having been reversed. I was obsessively adjusting the hue and getting nowhere. This brings me to the blog for today. I was asked by Ms Leslie Shoemaker psychology advisor to the OCD Ireland organisation to mention the organisation's support services. I noticed that all the OCD images on the web are the same and tend to be of the hand-washing kind. Yet this is only a small part of the disorder. When I was taking this shot I recall thinking I should get rid of the leaves between the pipes and remove the smudges - that would be to make the photograph "perfect", control the image and essentially turn the street scene into something it had never been. Now that fits into part of the spectrum of the disorder. My point is that we all have a little bit of various disorders including OCD. Where it becomes serious however, it can be very debilitating. For example, my own behaviour that I reflectively describe can in extremis result in a person affected never completing anything. There's much more to it than that and you can find out more at OCD Ireland's lecture series on the subject. Each lecture merits a CME credit.