Thursday, September 24, 2009

Arthur's Day at the Waterloo

I'm just moving away from Anglesey for a moment to celebrate Arthur's Day. Now this photograph was taken this evening, just before the appointed time of 17.59. Guinness takes time as you know. It's some 250 years since the first Guinness hit the bars and even though it's a commercial promotion, I thought it would be nice to wander down to the local and join the festivities. A merry band was there, quaffing the delicious brew, and I spent an hour in good company. Beer of course is a great symbol. Medb, the Queen of Connaught was extremely partial to beer and mammoth amounts of beer were drunk by the warrior caste, especially at Samain. Immortality is said to come with this kind of celebratory drunkenness. Guinness surely is held in high esteem, not only by the living but by the dead and the Gods.