Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ballsbridge Grime

This is one of these things you pass daily and can't help noticing. Why do we produce light and then allow it to be obscured? This would be a case for Kim and Aggie in "How clean is you house?" If this globe was inside a house, a psychotherapist might feel that the householder was depressed, too dispirited to care about his or her personal environment. Outside though, is in the social domain. Carl Jung felt that there was both a personal and collective consciousness and unconsciousness. The collective is the collection of individuals who occupy a social and cultural space. So, at the risk of a pun, what's happening in the social sphere? Is there something we don't want to see - something we would rather leave in the shadows? Jung conceives that we all have a shadow - the unintegrated elements of our self. Renowned child psychologist Piaget, notes that children see light as "a line of force running through the visual field" and that shadows run away from the light. What is it about ourselves that we would like to run away from?