Monday, September 28, 2009

Chutes and Sky

This building was being renovated in the Pembroke Road earlier in the year. I don't know why I had had forgotten about this particular image because it was very colourful and a decent image of people working. We have had much of this kind of sky this year, despite poor weather generally. No polarising filter required in this case. The Pembroke Road always has something to offer the photographer and just when I think I am running out of ideas, something else appears. Despite that, there is always the feeling that perhaps I don't want the Pembroke Road to change that much. We all like the familiar because it is reassuring. Sometimes clients in psychotherapy feel they want to change, but at the same time, even difficulties can be reassuring. At least they are familiar to us - a known quantity. To move forward means abandoning the old ways and establishing a new way of being. If we insisted on keeping the Pembroke Road exactly the way it is now, it would be a museum, not a living changing place. Perhaps to insist on keeping ourselves the way we are now, refusing to adapt and becoming - as the existentialists say - "sedimented", is to create a museum of the self.