Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dublin Espresso Bongo

This is definitely a shot for photographers. But I had to use a very high ASA to get it and when it's enlarged the image is a bit noisy. But the setting also records the brown shades very nicely, so I am happy with that. Coffee is very alluring isn't it? Here, I am indebted to a colleague for raising the question of the transitional object. Now the transitional object usually refers to things like Teddy Bears which children cling to in the absence of the mother. It bridges that space for a while until the child recognises that Mum is still there - even though she can't be seen. My colleague made a strong case for the tea bag as a transitional object, and I think that we often do the same with coffee. We are bridging the gap between home and the outside world. It "keeps us going". I called the picture espresso bongo after the Cliff Richards film, but the film's real title is Expresso Bongo. The producers knew it was wrong, but that's what everyone was calling espresso in the early sixties coffee bar craze. We are attached to coffee in its many styles but espresso is a very short jab. In Italy, one wouldn't linger over such a coffee. It's designed to invigorate quickly - somewhere transitional between home and work!