Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flower Box Space

Another shot in more or less the same place in the Pembroke Road. This was yesterday and again the weather is good following an indifferent summer. The sky is blue and the light strikes into every corner, brightening objects in an interesting way. Lets shed some light into interesting corners! Henri Lefebvre says that - as an industry - construction is comparatively new. It tends to accelerate when other sectors flag. It's about the production of space, so it doesn't encounter the same obstacles as other industries. It employs a great deal of labour and, at the same time, generates fairly spectacular profits. It's very alluring as a form of investment. But in terms of space, it tends to destroy the present in favour of an uncertain future. What will the buyer of this property receive as the use value of the house? A parcel of pros and cons of course, but the city centre is very walkable. That's a saving in time. So ... space is the envelope of time says Lefebvre.