Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gaiety Glamour

Another shot from the further education exhibition at the RDS. More fun with make up can be had at the Gaiety Theatre. I gave this a special filter (glamour), a plug-in available free from Harry's Filters. I often ask clients what they are doing for fun. Strictly speaking this is part of Reality Therapy which stresses five areas to work on - survival, power, freedom, love and belonging and ... fun! Ironically it often seems like fun is the most difficult area to address. Reality therapy takes a problem solving approach - solution focused if you like. How would you like it to be? is one of the phrases psychotherapists use. I prefer What would it be like to have fun? So what would it be like to relax for an evening a week and do something you never thought about. Forget your worries and anxieties and have fun messing around. We are very concentrated on work these days so here is something to redress the balance. The photograph is another mask of course - so what is our model projecting. What is being communicated? It's very doll-like so what would it be like to play at being a doll? In psychoanalysis we seek to strip off the mask, but it's great fun in this case, to put one on.