Monday, September 21, 2009

Gasometer Skyline

I couldn't resist a wide angle shot of these gasometers at Holyhead Port. I was waiting for the ferry, which hadn't started loading. Naturally as soon as the camera was out the bag, the steward waved the traffic forward. So this is the only (hurried) shot. What a cloud formation though! Industrial locations can be very dramatic and especially a dusk approaches. Rain clouds have a special symbolic quality which is connected with fertility and water. In some legends they are the daughters of the water. These clouds look as if they are about to embrace the structures below - so they could be considered female. We think of clouds ambivalently. "His head was in the clouds" is a little different from "being on Cloud 9". Paintings of angels are often set in the clouds - ethereal and mysterious. But in Greek mythology they are often used to conjure up tricks and diversions. Zeus conjured up the cloud, Nephele, to look like Hera, Ixion's love. The subsequent tryst with Ixion resulted in the birth of the centaurs. So maybe these clouds are centaurs of the evening.