Thursday, September 17, 2009

Linen Chimney

Walking along Elgin Road to the shops, I was wondering what kind of image to record. Since photographers are the Keepers of the Light, surely I hadn't run out of ideas. Everything seemed familiar. Then I looked to my right and there was a new chimney or flue to be exact. It was well shiny, but in the background there was a washed-out September sky. I was pleased with the shot though (there were several) and I stripped it of the little colour there was there. I found it soothing to look at and subjected it to various filters. So I finally designed it as a low 25 ASA monochrome slide. That's Ilford for aficionados. The linen filter warmed it slightly. The symbolism is of silver even though the flue is clearly aluminium. The positive side is that it is indeed soothing to look at. In Jungian terms, it also symbolises the negative desire to acquire a shiny object. I found myself looking at various warmer versions, but this one is my favourite.