Friday, September 25, 2009

Outside the Tent

Back at the Anglesey Circuit and above are a few members of the Absol Racing Team from Co Kildare. Rider Emmet O'Grady on the Triumph T3 has been doing rather well this season so I want to applaud a Hero of the Track. You might catch him on Motors TV channel. The sky was a very particular blue and just for a second it looked like a scene from the Himalaya base camp. I had never considered the tent as a powerful symbol and yet it is rich and complex. Because it comprises a covering for the nomad traveller, the tent provides a canopy like the heavens. Almost all religions revere the tent. A tent was set aside for the Lord when he dwelled with the children of Israel. This has a parallel in the Hindu world where Mandapa (tent) became the word for temple. So tents are the protecting father. Maybe that partially explains their presence at motorbike race gatherings. I think we all like a tent because we set it up as a covering - a canopy - with nothing inside. Then we fill it and enjoy the shelter it offers. Thanks to Absol's Iain Duff (on the right) for his support.