Friday, September 11, 2009

Real Tomatoes: The Signification

Now this shot is by Mick, our guest photographer of the week. This is carefully shot and edited with much thought. I love the hairs on the hanging tomatoes. Home grown tomatoes too - no supermarket water bombs these. When I smell such tomatoes I am reminded immediately of one of my childhood neighbours who had a greenhouse. I used to eat these delicious fruits raw - a bit like the format of this shot which was originated as RAW. That's exactly what it means, a means of making a digital negative that preserves most of the data from the shot without compression. It's a bit like these tomatoes being grown to preserve taste and nutrition. They are original, not genetically modified, nor will they be full of water. I am describing an authentic tomato but I wonder if there is any such thing. Anthropologists argue no and suggest that authenticity is largely a construction, a concept. Yet I would rather have one of these tomatoes. What does the picture of tomatoes signify? That's a better question. What does this still life suggest to us? I think the picture of tomatoes (the sign) suggests the natural. That's the signified and that's semiotics. So having foregrounded the signifier, I'll sign off!