Monday, September 14, 2009

Red Danger

Spotted on the beach at Bray, the sign is pock marked by many missiles. Universally ignored, the signpost itself is tilted and worn. I didn't even notice the linguistic error until much later. Is this a little Zen perhaps, swimming on the rocks? Danger lurks around every corner and we are well warned these days. No can do this, no can do that sings the gypsy band, Gogol Bordello. Red is for danger and we have been down this road several times. But the rocks are unchanging and unyielding. In the Christian world, the Rock is something to depend on and in the Old Testament it connotes strength. but these rocks are more of a reef, stretching out into the bay. These are dangerous enemies, and psychoanalytically we could consider them as crushing. In the unconscious there may be stony and implacable foes. Like Sisyphus, we might try eternally to move a rock up the hill or have our journey curtailed by the misfortune of foundering on the reefs. Perhaps the work of psychoanalysis is to enable the client to successfully steer, rather like Odysseus, through the waters of the unconscious.