Friday, September 18, 2009

Sandymount Blues

I always speculate about the number of photographs of this scene that must be in existence. There is little rest for the Keepers of the Light. Yet there is much to consider in the scene itself - the chimneys as the conductor of fumes, the water, the sand, the playing child - and of course, the sky. I particularly like this shot that picked up the evening light. It was still warm and there were a few children in the water. Colours were standing out, particularly reds and yellows - even though its predominantly blue that catches the eye. I like walking on the sand because sand adapts to whatever shape is there like water. In other cultures, such as Islam, sand can be used instead of water for absolution. It seems to absorb energy - as you find when you try to run on sand. The water was very still when I took this shot - mirror like, reflecting some other kind of reality.