Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Saving Space in the Pembroke Road

This is merely one of these movable posts to protect a gateway from parking interlopers. It's in the Pembroke Road so I guess parking is at a premium. It presented a perfect opportunity for another discourse on space! There are many more things we say about space, such as "we need more space", "there's no space for it", "we've run out of space" - or my favourite, "a waste of space". What do we really mean about space? Could it really be just an empty area? Space here is the bounded geometrical area - mathematically reserved for automobiles. This kind of space is demarcated and it excludes other spaces. But what about mental space? In the realm of ideas and thought it sometimes seems infinite - although I do recall during my training when it did seem that there was no more mental space for concepts and discourse. There was of course, but it felt as if there was no more room. We had crammed our mental space with stuff. Yet there is always more mental space. Psycho-analytic space is perhaps a space for generating the transformation and management of the self. Rather then saving space, it seems to be capable of limitless expansion!