Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seascape and Dog

This is my accidental tribute to Monet. The dog came my way much to quickly to adjust anything. It looked like a nice shot in miniature but when enlarged the dog's movement had definitely blurred. What to do? I tried blurring it a bit more. Then I tried for a lot of blur! Here's the result and I really like it. Have a look at the image enlarged and you will see what I mean. An admirer of Monet's seaside stuff, I am really happy. The old adage in the photographic business is never throw any shot away, never delete. You might find a use for it later and if it's gone, you will surely regret it. This looks like a Lurcher to me, even if it is blurred. This would be a beast that belongs to the Warrior Class in the Celtic world. Across the Celtic world, dogs were used for hunting and war. In contrast to other cultures there is never a bad word said about dogs (except in the Christian write-ups of folk tales)! Potent and magnificent, they are the great culture heroes.