Saturday, September 5, 2009

That's some plant!

I spotted this plant, aggressively making its way through a hedge in Raglan Road. What would Freud make of this one? I think it intends to eject these seeds very shortly. Next year the neighbourhood will have many. It made me recall a time when I planted a packet of Carrot seeds and they came up marigolds. What's more, the following year the whole street was a sea of orange. Seeds are about the alternating cycle of life and death. They die and are reborn. This is why so many initiation rites refer to plants - corn in particular. Morris Dancers refer to corn and of there are many jokes regarding the threshing of the corn in folk songs from peasant days. Spiritual beliefs often offer a way out of this inexorable cycle - those who believe in reincarnation for example. How many times do we say, "I must have been a cat (or some other animal) in a previous life."? We have identified an attribute of ourselves that we then ascribe to the present. Yet it is somewhat soothing to feel we will live on. Like the plant that intends to live, we also wish to continue.