Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three Amigos

Many good shots presented at the Anglesey Circuit last weekend. I really liked these three guys. In my competition days, they would have been called "greybeards". These days we are in the van. Twiggy, Bruce Springsteen (and the rest) reached sixty recently. What makes the picture for me is that there are three - and three is symbolically rich. Freud felt that it was a sexual symbol. Sociologists describe three as typical of social orders. Zoologists and biologists have identified different kinds of triads in humans. Family psychotherapists look for relationship triads when they are developing client genograms. A fellow blogger Urban Semiotic notes the Holy Trinity, the third planet, three blind mice and we could go on with the three bears, three wise men and of course - the Three Amigos. Hurrah for the Three Amigos!