Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time Tunnel

This viewpoint reminded me of these old time tunnel films - before Stargate altered our idea of what it might be like. In these days travellers were portrayed as whirling around inside a curved structure! This is an upward view of The Oval office development on the Shelbourne Road. There used to be a laundry on this site and the old chimney has been retained (to the left of the picture). The structure of the offices revealed the limitations of digital photography and interference patterns set up by the windows are obvious. Technically this is a "moiré" pattern, set up by the overlapped grids which form part of the office window design. It's always interesting to look up, as I'm fond of saying in this blog. Many people pass this every day, but they tend to be looking down. The Oval is unusual in current office developments because it features a substantial amount of public space with access to the River Dodder. I recommend that if you are passing on your way to the station, take a detour. Leave some time and relax for a few minutes on the bench seats that match the curve of the building. Move your eyes across the scene and you may perceive a slight strobing effect.