Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Guys at the Race Meeting

I had just been talking to the man walking away, when suddenly a photographic opportunity presented. This is at the Anglesey Circuit, which is probably the most scenic in these islands. A local man (at the rear of the shot) had decided to investigate the motorbike racing and was thrilled. This embankment circles around part of the 2 mile track, which has been recently improved. This week I'm going to feature some more shots from the recent meeting which included Irish Superbikes. Motorbike racing falls into the category of games. In games, the individual has to take part and find himself, no matter what. The game is not technically a symbol but carries symbols (like heroes) within its structure. So motorbike racing is part of an overall ritual which is about civic community and social bonding. In games, competitors rival one another often to the point of injury - strength, endurance and skill all have to be deployed. But at the heart of everything, it's about meeting and there's a real sense of that at Anglesey circuit.