Saturday, September 12, 2009

Viva Velvia

This shot is dedicated to both the old Fuji Velvia transparency film - and Harry's Filters. Fuji Velvia was a lovely film. It had deep saturated colours across the range and if you lost a stop and ran it at 25 ASA it was it had stacks of impact. Harry's Filters offer free plug-ins for Photoshop and this is Virtual Photographer's "Velvita"! I really wish I had some Velvia stock to record this late summer weather that Dublin is enjoying. In its absence I am going to process images using the virtual darkroom that these plug-ins provide. Using the Virtual Photographer plug in I can select 25 ASA slide film and play around. The wide angle shot above was just a random look upwards at Dundrum. The trees are acquiring their beautiful autumn colours. These days, we spend so much time chasing around pursuing fallen leaves that we forget to appreciate the changes going on all around us. Change means loss said my group supervisor. We are losing the lush greens and moving into russet browns. I love these browns which are closer to red, because brown (donn) is in Celtic terms the colour of war and the Underworld. Freud would have emphasised the anal nature of brown - so russet is the term for me!