Wednesday, September 23, 2009

West Coast Palms

I’m not sure what variety of palm this is. There are many! This was on Anglesey’s West coast so it could be a Trachycarpus fortune, which is what you might find at Inverewe Gardens in north-west Scotland. I really liked these ones though and the blue sky made the picture for me. I ran the image through the Velvita filter for strong colours, which is why the reds are really visible. Palms are signs of victory. They are also signs of ascension, immortality and regeneration - so maybe that’s why I have placed them series with motorcycling pictures. If you have ever seen bike racing you will know what I mean! Jung says the palm is a symbol of the soul and I like to think that’s correct. Anglesey is a very pretty and most welcoming place, that I would heartily recommend - not only for the motorbike racing, but for a vacation. When the sun shines, the island just sparkles.