Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baggot Street - the Golden Years

Well - Upper Baggot Street's golden years, that is. This is a detail from the rooftops on the street's east side. You won't see this so close - because it's a long lens. No wide angle this time! The shot was taken in bright sunshine and then filtered in the "light room" as they call it these days. I call it Golden Years because for me, the street had such a vibrant feel when I first encountered it. I wondered what it might have been like in Victorian times when this section was built. I liked the top of the building - not too ornate but careful shapes, compared to the straight lines of today's buildings. It was functional too, because the shapes redistribute the rain and prevent uneven wear on the building's fabric. But what have I done to the space here? I've rendered the upper part of the building as predominantly visual-geometric. But what lies hidden below is a complex of supermarkets, fast food outlets, betting shops, pubs and banks - and a trinity of relationships involving capital, land and labour. According to Lefebvre's idea of the psychoanalysis of space, perhaps this attractive shape is merely fetishised, fragmented and ultimately ... negotiable.