Friday, October 30, 2009

Baggot Street Hallowe'en

This scene in Baggot Street was correct for the time of year. We put out pumpkins, or more correctly for these parts, turnips. with a scary face. Now the tendency this year has to been making Hallowe'en into Christmas. I have seen strings of Hallowe'en lights and posters wishing me "Happy Hallowe'en". I understand that we want to have a happy time and there is nothing wrong with that. But Hallowe'en is a time to be scary. We like to scare each other and howl with laughter because it isn't really dangerous. Just the idea of being terrified will suffice, won't it? It's acceptable because it's "in a container" - one special night where some rules don't apply. Children can dress up, go around to neighbour's doors and perhaps sing, act or say poetry. In return they will receive sweets or sometimes .... money! I'm describing Scottish Hallowe'en of course. But the principle is the same. So have a good scary time tomorrow evening!