Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ballsbridge Amazon

This is the statue outside the Ballsbridge office block, currently being used for the David La Chapelle's American Jesus exhibition at the Sebastian Guinness Gallery in Burlington Road. It is, of course the Mythical Queen Maebh of Connaught in Amazonian pose. I expect most know this story of intoxication and equality, but it was vital that the Queen had to be equal in possessions to her husband. So Maebh felt forced to make a secret sexual accommodation to Daire in order to borrow a brown bull that would equal her husband's prized white bull. But the details of the secret deal leaked and a war commenced to get the brown bull. She was going to take the bull anyway, so it didn't make a lot of difference. There's much more to it and much more bloodshed before the story ends - badly as it happens. The statue reminds me of Beyoncé, so perhaps that's a fitting way to introduce the Americana of David La Chapelle's interesting pix. Get on down there before the exhibition ends on October 31st.