Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Tents

This circus is camped on the N11 near Cornelscourt. As you can see, because of the candy stripe design you can't miss it. It was mid afternoon and sunny, although just at this point, the sun "disappeared" for a moment and hid behind some clouds. What of circuses? Some people find circuses (and clowns) them a little scary. I find I like to watch the audience rather than the performers. I also rather like the regular reappearance of the circus. It's not going to stay that long but in all probability it will return. It's the regular visits that give the circus some kind of stability and permanence in our lives. One psychotherapist (I think he was a family therapist) said that joining the profession was a bit like running away to the circus. I was unsure about what he meant, but perhaps he was referring to this "permanent impermanence" of the circus. Psychotherapists are seldom part of their clients' lives every day. But the regular, periodic visits offer permanence and stability.