Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hope in the Road

I think this box just drifted here in the wind. I got down to box level for the photograph! I was worried about the address so I wanted to blur it. Here's how. Just select the Lasso tool and draw round the area. Select Filter, Gaussian Blur and there's a preview screen - select accordingly. Deselect the area by using Ctrl D. Hey presto! But what about the secret contents of the box - a present, a spare part, a collector's piece? And the box itself had an interesting look as an object in itself. In terms of the unconscious, the box is a female symbol and although protective can also prove constricting. So in this (unconscious) case, the contents may hold some secret that is truly precious, awesome and ... uncertain. Perhaps working with the unconscious is like the case of Pandora and involves some measure of risk. Yet Hope always there remains - in an unbreakable container.