Monday, October 5, 2009

Hospital Blue

I've been waiting to take this photograph for some years ...waiting on two things to be right. The first was a suitable lens and the second was a suitable (deep) blue sky. The latter seemed more difficult than the former! The Royal City of Dublin Hospital, founded in 1832, has a fine red brick facade and is a delight to regard on a fine day like today. Sometime in the eighties, I was, for a while, fascinated with this kind of shot. I had a borrowed Canon 10mm lens and I must say I probably overdid things. Today marks a return to my delight in making this kind of dramatic picture. This hospital does does a variety of things. It has a stroke department and performs various community duties, but it no longer runs an accident and emergency unit. The earliest known hospitals were run by religious orders and as far as can be ascertained, the first documented evidence for the existence of a hospital points to Sri Lanka. Looks like a run of reds and blues in the blog. What can this mean?