Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just stones on the Beach

It was just a case of pointing the camera down in the bright sunlight of Bray beach. A wide angle lens also helped. What about these stones? Probably as children most of us played on stony beaches and threw flat stones in the water to watch them bounce. In Scotland we called these skliffers - so we would go to the beach and skliff some stones. The word is dialect, but not that old - probably 19th century. Stones have a big place in symbols. They have been used by shamans the world over, to cure disease or to divine the future. In Brittany, women rubbed stone dust on their bellies as a fertility ritual. And of course, where cairns are concerned, it is custom to add a stone to the heap. They are naturally associated with water so it is pleasing to see these nice rounded stones of different colours on the beach. Moisture, palbability and fiery strength said Hildegard of Bingen.