Friday, October 23, 2009

My Excellent Adventure in Photoshop

I was encouraged to do this as an exercise in Photoshop training and I was a bit pleased with it. So here's an adventure in making text in different ways and at varying positions. In semiotics it's all about communication and meaning, which is essentially mutual. I've made it mutual by offering it up in the blog so if you are reading this you are in the system! The image is composed of snippets from a handout and I chose an old typewriter typeface though - so what does that suggest to you? The word "Important" looks like an old typewriter key array to me, although that was not my intention. I didn't intend anything - or did I? In some schools of thought, the author's intention matters much less than the reading - and the reading is more about the reader and his or her world and situation. So a text can take on a whole new meaning and becomes very layered. That's the first thing we learn in Photoshop - layers. In Photoshop we can always record layers and look at them. But with a text, we have a bit of decoding to do!