Tuesday, October 6, 2009

nuit américaine

This really a very blue sky shot at around mid day in the Pembroke Road. I named it after the famous Truffaut film, Nuit américaine (or Day for Night as it's called in English language versions). The term refers to the technique for shooting during the day and getting a night look. I think this kind of approximates to more than did the Film Noir filter I have as a plug-in. It was of course the aerial that took my attention, in conjunction with the repaired section of wall. This isn't about Ariel, who was the Lion of God in Hebrew - the Archangel Ariel. Aerials or antennae are about communications and that is in the province of Hermes - his winged sandals gave him the power of flight and rapid movement. With an interest in trade, this rendered his attributes open to corruption. We could be talking of television and newspapers today, couldn't we? Many messages are received through our television receivers, but can they all be true? Like nuit américaine, it isn't all that we think.