Friday, October 2, 2009

Pembroke Shutters and Me

I took this shot in one of the Lanes. These small roads posess a wealth of interest, because the Celtic Tiger seemed to pass this space by. There are properties that are sorely in need of attention and often they make for the most visual interest. This image is much as it was but I did use a filter. It reminds me of Portugal a bit, the way it was and is now. But I couldn't tell whether anyone could see through the shutters and if they had been watching I might have been embarrassed. What would that embarrassment have been about, I wonder? I gave my attention to the window and I judged that I wasn't intruding. Technically this is a shuttered window and it is seen by me. I look at the shutters and not behind them - but I sense that there might be someone there. It was me that invested the shuttered window with meaning. So in terms of sense experience, it's a relationship between the shutters and me.